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May 14, 2013
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The Storm Reavers by wolfboi1 The Storm Reavers by wolfboi1
Drawn by :iconjtf3:

There are five members of the Azurian Elite Guard, "The Storm Reavers". This unit of the Azurian Army is made up of the most skilled and tested warriors from the entire military. Only five are permitted and of those five only four of the positions are open to applicants. The fifth permanent position is that of Prince Eric Stormwing as it is his unit. The four others answer only to him and are hand-picked by him after being put through a grueling and dangerous series of trials. Once an applicant has passed these trials he is brought before the Prince. Ultimately it is his decision if the applicant is worthy. Eric has denied many applicants even though the previous trials were passed. It is believed that the applicant must pass one more trial, the judgment by the Azurian God, Aviaz. Whatever the last trial is the members of the "Storm Reavers" do not speak of it.

Each member of the Elite Guard are given enchanted weapons forged during the Shivazeal Insurgency, when the God of Darkness and Deceit first waged war upon the world and was banished for his transgression. These five ancient artifact weapons are soul bound to the bearer and to Eric himself. Only he and the bearer can wield it or bestow it to another. If a bearer of one of the weapons dies the artifact is instantly returned to the Temple of Aviaz or to Eric if need be. Eric can also summon the bearers of the weapons from anywhere in the world.

The Storm Reavers usually handle the depraved and wicked minions of Shivazeal. Creatures that have been given power by the banished god and present a threat to the people of the world as a whole. It is said that if enough disciples of the Banished God manage to complete some obscure rite that they may bring the Deceiver back into the world. It is for this reason that The Storm Reavers are on constant vigil for rumors of dark magic and evil uprisings.

The uniforms of the Storm Reavers suggest agility and speed. All of the Azurian military wear this type of uniform but with more armor added in strategic spots based on their role. The Storm Reavers are allowed to wear different colors depending on preference. When inducted into the Storm Reavers, the member is made a custom uniform by highly skilled tailors. These uniforms are woven from a special material that is both flexible and light but protects the wearer like plate mail. Several enchantments that further protect the wearer from the minions of the Dark One are imbued into the uniforms. The "buckles" of their belts are designed based on the crest of the kingdom.

The Storm Reavers also train extensively in the use of their weapons not only to attack but to defend themselves as well. They are drilled in making the most of the weapons given to them so that they turn into an extension of themselves. Blocking and parrying with them is second nature after the training.

The current members of The Storm Reavers are as follows:

Eric Stormwing - Golden Eagle - Eric is the crown prince of the Azurian people as well as the leader of the Storm Reavers. His weapon is the sword, Aviaz's Decree. It is considered to be the least powerful in terms of abilities but is considered to be a Holy Relic of the Azurain people and only a member of the Royal Family may wield it. It is extremely sharp and indestructible being the only thing capable of channeling the fury and power of Eric's divine lightning bolts. Eric is extremely self-confident to the point of cockiness. He does not back down from a fight and gives no quarter to the minions of the Deceiver. Despite his brashness his people look to him with awe and reverence for his bravery and dedication. The only one known to make Eric squirm is his father, Lance Stormwing, Avatar of Aviaz.

Damian Darkfeather - Raven - Damain wields the enchanted bow, Illuminator. This bow fires arrows of divine light. Damian was picked to be on the honor guard because of his bravery and keen intellect. Being the prince’s boyfriend also had a bit to do with it as well but Damian certainly has the skills to be in the guard. Damian and Eric have known each other since childhood and he is Eric's best friend and lover. Several applicants that failed to get into the guard claimed favoritism but quickly retracted their objections when the majority of the military stood up for the Raven. Damian lives constantly in Eric's shadow but he harbors no resentment towards him. Instead he uses that as his motivation to be the best he can be in anything he does. He can sometimes be found brooding over particularly troublesome events but uses his relationship with both his teammates and Eric to keep going.

Kyle Skyrender - Southern Grey Shrike - Kyle wields the spear, Tempest's Fury, giving him mastery over wind. Kyle is a calculating if brutal fighter. One of his favorite tactics is to summon a tornado lifting his victims into the air. Kyle will then dives down and impales the unfortunate creature out of the air. Kyle attempts to leave his victims on rocky outcroppings or impaled on tree branches after the initial strike. Leaving a clear if gruesome message to any being that would dare worship the Deceiver. Kyle likes to fly alone to get away from the hustle of palace life and retreats to a quiet place to be with his thoughts. He is not anti-social however and loves the company of his teammates but hangs out more with Alex and Terrel in his spare time.

Alexander Brightbeak - Cardinal - Alex has a very fiery spirit and this made him the perfect choice for Singe and Brand. These twin throwing daggers control the forces of fire and return to the wielder. The forces of evil know full well that being hit with these weapons will leave them nothing but blackened ash. Alex passed his trials through sheer determination and never admitting defeat even in the face of death. A highly dexterous fighter with a flair for the dramatic at times, Alex is also one of the most optimistic of the squad and always seems to be in good spirits despite hardship. His best friend are Terrel Vandalhart and the two are often seen sharing a tale and drink in the palace. He also enjoys the company of Kyle and usually goes to him if he needs some advice on an issue or just some pleasant conversation.

Terrel Vandalhart - Blue Jay - Wielder of the claw weapon, Frostbiter. The injuries made by this weapon freeze the blood of their victim and slow their reactions. This eventually leaves them paralyzed. Even beings with immunity to cold based attacks are not safe from the biting edge of these claws. It came as quite a shock to everyone when Terrel passed his trials and was accepted into the Storm Reavers. Everyone he has ever served with has described him as a jackass. His outward attitude is one of a bully and he comes off as reckless. No one can deny that he is quite the terror on the battlefield though. When among the Storm Reavers however his attitude changes from being a complete dick to being the nicest guy you would every want to hang with. He respects all of the Storm Reavers and this translates to his cordial attitude towards them. Only those he does not respect get his wrath...this unfortunately is anyone other than his teammates.
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zkfanart Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Cool char gathering and designs! IN special see that they have such cool outfits ^^
wolfboi1 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Thanks man!
zkfanart Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
welcome! ^^
JacobJawson Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

This is really REALLY good! Like a bird version of He-Man. La la la la

I love anthro birds like this. The Cardinal is my favorite.  Love
wolfboi1 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Im glad that you liked the pic. I loved it when my freind gave it to me.
I wouldnt go with He-Man though...their outfits are not furry enough lol.
Aside from the Eagle who is my favorite out of all of them, the Blue Jay and the Shrike come in a very close second.
MCsaurus Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
Whoa. Five Guardians know as the Storm Reavers, really cool. I think I like it.
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
Whoa! Cool, dude! Man that's awesome! This looks like it came straight out of a comic!
wolfboi1 Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
It also has one of the longest descriptions I've ever written on a pic. I kinda want to write stories with these chars. but I am afraid they wont be very good and most times inspiration does not come over me very often.
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
I think you did an awesome job on the description! It's very detailed and in depth!
wolfboi1 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Why thank you..i did feel inspired for it obviously.
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